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Jan. 14th, 2011


(no subject)

I'd be such a sweet member and comment on everything i had a say on, and never troll, honestly~
every time i stalk the lounge, i want to comment, but them i remember i can't and get upset xD

On another note. School sucks these days. and now school is over. I'm going home. weekend! YAY. I'll hopefully go ice skating later today too!
so how're y'all? ♥

Nov. 22nd, 2010



Why is it that whenever i'm really really busy (Like tomorrow: I have a religion test, and also a German presentation that requires talking for 5 minutes without a script to help me. Fuck i'm not that good at German!), i have less concentration than ever? All day, I've been browsing the creepy!tag at Omona_lounge, even though I'm not a member there... Just because i've been addicted to creepypasta lately. I SHOULD BE STUDYING, WAILT, WHY? TELL ME TELL ME WHY, SHOW ME SHOW ME WHYYY. And now i'm even here, writing a journal entry, even though it's allmost bedtime and i still havent finished preparing for the german presentation and i still havent read all the stuff i need to read for the test. FML why do i NEVER EVER seem to learn?

Anyway, rant is over, I can now write about what i wanted to write about in the first place.
DREAMS. I love, love, love dreams. I'm so fascinated by them! Do you have any funny/wierd dreams? Do tell! DO you have any re-occurring patterns?

For myself, i have this re-occurring dream about finding kittens or baby bunnies /stray cats or bunnies that i care for and then find new homes for. IDK why. Usually, it's about my bunnies (though my boy bunny is castrated) having lots of babies and/or stray bunnies finding their way into my bunnies' enclosure, or it's about stray cats finding their way into my bunnies' cage and giving birth to their kittens there.

Last night I had a longs string of connected dreams, I can't remember most of it, but One part was about a woman and a young man in a boat, rowing underneath a dock, and it kinda fell down on their boat, and the woman was trapped underneath it, idk if she drowned or not :( it was so sad. Then it was something about donald and his three nephews (idk what their names are in english?) going from door to door to give out pamphlets or something (it was winter), i was one of them.. And we were meeting up with some cats; they would give us pamphlets that we could hand out. But the cats didn't show up; so we went looking for them. Then I found them in my rabbit's cage (i had turned back into myself by now).. A female tortoiseshell cat and her hubby cat, who had gotten 5 small kittens of the same colour. My dad suddenly popped his head out the door and told me something along the lines of "it's cold outside why don't you bring them inside so they don't freeze to death?" something that was odd because my parents don't really care for stray animals... So I was happy that he cared, and asked if he could bring me a bowl/tub from the washroom to put the kittens in.. But he just closed the door and i was like "dad! DADDDD!! >:C " and then i woke up to my alarm, cuz i had to go to school... I'm not sure, but i think i was actually mumbling "dad!" as i woke up xD

wow, that was really TL;DR, sorry about that..

next theme: fandom dreams :D I WANT THEM SO BAD xD But i almost never have them ;____;
DO you have them alot? Tell mee C:
The first one i ever had, was really random.. I met Heechul (suju), he helped me sort out valuable stones/gold nuggets from a pile of crushed/pulverized rocks. And while we sat on the ground doing that, i "accidentally" got some rock dust all over heechul's chest and was like, "OMO, i'm so clumsy; let me wipe that off for you!" and i basically climbed in his lap to brush it off, and then i kissed him xDD WAE so slutty? I'd never dare do something like that in real life! And it was so wierd because this was at the time when i still thought heechul was kinda wierd and ugly looking. haha. But he because my favourite after this.

I also once dreamt that Suju M was having a concert in my town (with 3500 people lol),and me and my friends went. Before they came on stage, my two friends ran up there to poke at Henry's violin, which stood displayed there. and i was like "GET DOWN DONT BREAK IT U MAD??"
During the concert, they came down from the stage to talk with fans. Hangeng fucking walked right past me, and went to this goth girl in my school that i strongly dislike, and he HUGGED her i was so mad xD THen, in the middle of the concert, i decided that we needed to run to the nearest mall to buy raisin buns as a gift to suju m. So we left the concert. Just, what.

And that is about everything. Oh, no, wait. Once I had a dream about an elevator falling down. But at the end of that dream, i had a kinda detatched part that was about Key; he was going to join a commercial. But then he found out the commercial was about mocking fat people, so he got really angry and quit. Instead, he baked a whole brownie cake (biig one) and ate it all by himself, in sympathy to fat people. It was so charming, idk. xD My love for him kinda grew.

After that I've had no significant kpop dreams, except for Jonghyun getting a minor role in a school trip dream; my friend wanted to go canooing, so she took Jonghyun's canoo, poor guy.

I wish i had more kpop dreams~ xD they're fun.

Anyway, I really NEED to get back to my schoolwork, it's so painfully late ;___;

Also, 10 out of 10 is my jam right now.

Oct. 6th, 2010


Hello, hello~

Am I the only one that's sad the party is over?
It was such great fun! Though the activity went up and down. I got to party hard at the first part, then i helped keep it alive while a lot of you were asleep. Then i missed the last part of the party. I'm really sad about that but atleast i got to contribute, and certainly did my part. Last comment was epic. No wait, it was all epic. Ever single comment by every single one of you. I wish we could show it to shinee, show them how much we love them.

IDK if i'll keep in touch with those of you I added, but i hope so! I don't update often, nor do i read other people's journals often. IDK, lj is hard for me to figure out. xD But eitherhow, ILU all. LMAO I don't even know if any of you will read this at all. But I still gotta write out my feelings. Happy because it was a great party. Sad, cuz it's over. LMAO I spent soooo many hours partying, i didn't get to do anything else that day. DUN CURR.

Another thing that is sad is that i can't reply to all the comments in that post cuz it's maxed out xD But that's what we get for this C: It's all good.

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Aug. 13th, 2010


(no subject)


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I also cut it short on this side but it doesnt show cuz the hair above it is longer,
but if i want i can just style it so that it's short on both sides!! ♥

Jul. 27th, 2010



So, yesterday i rode my bike to work, locked it, and did my job happily. When i got ready to go home after work, i realized something. I'd forgotten my at home... so i couldn't unlock my bike! Now, I didn't want to bother my mom by making her bring the key for me by car, but i didn't want to walk home, get the key, and walk back again either, since it's a little far (maybe 2.5km). So i picked up my bike and carried it home. x) It took forever and was really tiresome, lol, and alot of people stared wierdly at me.

I love my job at the old people's home, despite the fact that it gives me less free time to hang with friends, or browse omona, or fangirl over shinee. xD
And it's not like i can introduce their poor 90 year old souls to lucifer.

Hmm, yeah, errr, i don't really have anything to say. wow, i'm bad at writing journals ._____.

Jul. 17th, 2010


(no subject)





Jul. 11th, 2010



Why do i always remember that i have an lj-account and stuff like that when it's past midnight and i really need to sleep? why am i so stupid like that? haha, argh.

I wanna share my phail!creation, that's why: http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/JFVfp60zF2LGZzK1

Wow, is that one video the reason i'm going to bed late today? I guess so. *shrug*

Shinee's comeback is killing me, WHY IS IT SO SLOW, WHY?? and why such ugly pictures? I pray that the music will be slightly juliette-style, but I'm afraid it'll be more like the year of us. i liked juliette better tbh. Oh well, it's Shinee so i'll probably love it anyhow.
Key's picture will be out soon.. I'm worried that they might've shaved half of his hair off or something like that. time will tell.

oh, i wish i was a member of omona. there is so much i would like to comment there .___. i have no life.

Mar. 28th, 2010



Hmm. Livejournal is so effing complicated idk what to do. I'm pretty sure I'll end up dead. -`____´-
Hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'll get used to it, quickly, so i can actually achieve something smart by spending time on here.
Yay. I don't have anything else to say/write now. Liz, halp mee. XD